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The campaign opens



I've been trying to round up a little information about the opening of the real political season this weekend. Asa Hutchinson says his media effort will start then and the gubernatorial campaign will be fully engaged. Presumably others with money for media will be following the usual Labor Day weekend start date.

So far, no word on the point of view that Hutchinson will adopt in his openers. Will he introduce himself to voters with a warm-and-fuzzy bio piece? That seems to have worked well for Mike Beebe, if you believe the polls and presume his advertising might have had some impact on the favorable numbers. Or will he do what trailing candidates often believe they have to do to move numbers, go on the attack?

I'm curious how many, if any, politicians found a way into the TV time for the UA-USC football game. I've been told that that time in at least one market was snapped up months ago, perhaps by car dealers thinking farther ahead than campaign strategists. Which is worse: Car dealer or candidate ad?

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