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King George, MIA -- UPDATE



The Doonesbury comic yesterday and today has continued a story line that depicts a presidential news conference with Bush advancing the notion that he might have a hereditary right to be king and that daughter Jenna would succeed him. (And perhaps resolve international issues by drinking games.)

Pretty mild stuff. Nobody said fart. So maybe it's just a production screwup that the Democrat-Gazette carried old strips yesterday (none at all yesterday in some S. Ark. papers, we're told by a subscriber) and today rather than the ones that were supposed to appear. We'll check.

UPDATE: We're informed that this was indeed a production problem. The classified department, where the strip runs, picked up an outdated cartoon two days running. And did it for Mallard Fillmore, too. (Not that we'd notice that.) The missed strips will be picked up tomorrow, we're told.

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