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Gunner fires


Short of money (and good sense) Republican attorney general candidate Gunner DeLay has to seek attention through unconventional means -- tapping the gun nut network, for example -- and issuing incendiary news releases. As this one on the jump. Zesty.


Fort Smith -   Today, republican candidate for attorney general Gunner DeLay said he was not surprised that former President, Bill Clinton, would come to Arkansas to host a fundraiser for his opponent, Dustin McDaniel.  “I think it is very appropriate that President Clinton would come to town for my opponent.  Both men are staunchly pro-choice, soft on crime, and have been involved in efforts to restrict gun owner’s rights - one through public policy, the other through litigation.”

DeLay stated  that the Clinton administration was one of the most pro-choice and anti-Second Amendment presidencies of our nation’s history.  “President Clinton was a loud and vocal advocate for mandatory trigger locks, which  happens to be the same objective my opponent had in the lawsuit he participated in against Remington Arms.   And like President Clinton who vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion,  Dustin has stated that if Roe v. Wade is overturned he will work as attorney general to make sure that abortion on demand continues to be the law of the land in Arkansas. “

DeLay said,” it was no surprise that McDaniel asked for Clinton’s help in this race.  I think President Clinton is his political hero like Ronald Reagan is mine.  I think that pretty much sums up the differences in our political views.  However, I am more than ready to take on the former leader of the free world, as well as my opponent in this race.

DeLay ended by saying, “Dustin may want to consider calling in John Kerry and Al Gore as reinforcements.” 

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