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The prince of New Orleans



You're not likely to see it in the D-G, so here's a blog with today's Maureen Dowd on the failed president's trip to New Orleans, in between bouts of reading Shakespeare and Camus and histories of the Battle of New Orleans (or maybe he just spun Johnny Horton's 45). This blogger equates a Bush cheer-up trip to NO to sending Sherman to cheer up Atlanta.

His road show lands in LR today. Hope somebody gets him to read Gene Lyons in D-G Here's the link to Gene -- you have to copy and paste the link (don't click it) to get around D-G efforts to block our links to their free NWA site.

UPDATE: Speaking of the LR road show, we hear the fund-raiser here was oversubscribed. Secret Service imposed an 850-person limit, which meant turning away some 150 people aching to plunk down money for lunch hour with the prez and the gubernatorial candidate. We renew our call for a photo of the prez and the candidate and reports on the lunch. For a reliable correspondent, we'll contribute $50 as a free-lance fee to the charity of your choice, even if it's the Arkansas Republican Party.

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