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Oaklawn fesses up



They'll be playing video poker there, too. (And probably that three-wheel game that Southland claims is somehow a game of "skill.".)

Remember when they said there'd be electronic Pictionary games? How big a dupe do the tracks take the average Arkansas legislator for? Pretty big. And easily bought.

PS to the gamblers: My unhappiness here is not about gambling. Let's gamble in Arkansas, if gamble we must. But let's do it by a legitimate vote of the people and/or legislature, not by a sleazy subterfuge like this, which gives two operators a predatory monopoly under the sham that they're now peddling "games of skill." I say let's have dice, roulette, sports books and all the rest -- Democratic process willing. And if voters even want to have casinos only in a two-location monopoly (though that definitely means squeaky tight slots), so be it. Stupid is as stupid does.

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