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Gunner, heal thyself


Score a point for the McDaniel campaign. News release on the jump.


LITTLE ROCK – Dustin McDaniel has been clear in his determination to crack down on illegal immigration by pushing to fine and penalize businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.  What's also clear is Gunner Delay's desire to deflect all attention away from the ethical skeletons that hang in his closet, including lying about Dustin’s record.  Dustin voted for the ID theft bill, and Dustin voted for the State Police bill . . . twice.  For Mr. DeLay to say otherwise is patently dishonest.

With recent polls showing Dustin McDaniel, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, as the front-runner in this race, it's no surprise that Gunner Delay has resorted to demagoguery and flat out falsehoods.

"What is a surprise is that Gunner Delay would choose to run to be Arkansas' Attorney General in the first place, given how ethically challenged he is," said Melissa Moody, McDaniel's campaign manager.

In 1995, the state of Arkansas filed a tax lien against Delay for failure to pay his state income tax, and in 2000 and 2001, the IRS filed two liens against Delay for failure to pay over $40,000 in taxes.  The FEC also fined Delay thousands of dollars for failing to properly comply with Federal Election law.

Arkansas needs an Attorney General who will enforce the laws - not ignore them.

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