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You probably remember that the failed president will be in town for a couple of hours Wednesday to be a bag man for A$a at a private fund-raiser at Joe Kleine's house (we heard David Bazzel say Jennings Osborne was in on the affair, too.) Bush will try to wrap some glory of the people who actually peformed well during Hurricane Katrina around himself by giving an award to a Sherwood woman, Joy Cameron, who ran a feeding program in NLR for storm evacuees.

If, instead of "The Stranger," Bush would read The New Yorker, the New York Times, the LA Times, the Times-Picayune or just about any other news outlet about the dire state of affairs in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, he would be ashamed of himself. He'd want to wear a bag over his head to A$a's fund-raiser, too. But perhaps attendees will be among the 31 percent who approve of Bush's work during the hurricane. If so, they must really hate the people of New Orleans.


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