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Winds of change?



A veteran blog reader,  fearful of leaving any telltale fingerprints on a blog post, sends along this tidbit to share relative to how the winds are blowing in the race for governor:

I work for a state agency. Our director has been a staunch Huckabite and Republican her entire public life.  For her entire tenure the only picture on her desk was her with Huckabee.  Now the only picture is her with Beebe.  I hate to get my hopes up, but she certainly senses a breeze.

This might be a good time to note that Ron Fuller, former finance chair for Huckabee and one of his appointees to the ABC, says he is backing Beebe. And we noticed, too, that his ABC cohort, J.J. Vigneault, another long-time Republican operative, has been contributing to Democrats this year, including Secretary of State Charlie Daniels.

And speaking of contributions: have you heard the same stories we've heard of angry phone calls from A$a to people presumed to be Republican who turned up on Beebe's contribution lists? Of the I-won't-forget-this tenor. We can tell you we know a couple of people who don't respond well to threats of this sort.

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