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The Huckster's unofficial blog posts a transcript -- with highlights and further explanations here and there -- of a warm and lengthy review of the presidential candidate by the National Journal. Give it a read and see what you think.

We'd like to footnote it, too. Among other things, we'd note that the Huckster apparently gave the National Journal yet another -- more tolerant -- depiction of his view on gay marriage legislation than he's given in Arkansas, New Hampshire and elsewhere. Is he for or against a federal anti-gay-marriage amendment? He's said it so many different ways I've lost count, though this latest is more likable, I'll grant you.

His emerging self-description as greenie planet-hugger worried about global warming should be contrasted with his famous environmental wacko/tree-hugger screed to the Farm Bureau. And as for the description of him as someone who "worries about seeming mean or punitive," we'd only add -- are they sure they're talking about The Huckster ? We refer not only to his mean and punitive treatment of this newspaper. We could refer you to any number of news articles elsewhere about his pithy internal e-mail, his steamed correspondence to various and sundry political opponents, etc. Ask that fellow who ran the state computer department for a while. Or Roby Brock. Or others axed for not sufficiently toeing The Huckster line. Politics ain't beanbag. It's fine that The Huckster plays hardball. It's just a little hard to stomach when he tries to pretend otherwise, and a generally credible outlet swallows it.

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