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Dick Cheney, however, is not invited



Dustin McDaniel news release:


State Representative and candidate for attorney general Dustin McDaniel today sent an invitation to his opponent Gunner DeLay to join him on his annual Opening Day Dove Hunt next weekend.  Dustin has spent almost every opening day of dove season in the same field near Bono since he was 16 years old.

“I’m asking Mr. DeLay to join me and my friends dove hunting,” McDaniel said.  “I think we would all benefit from an honorable campaign, and I think it would do us both good to put politics aside for one day.”


DeLay has spent a majority of this campaign attacking Dustin for being weak on Second Amendment rights despite the fact that Dustin has a hunting license and Gunner does not, and Dustin is a gun owner and Gunner is not.  Dustin has been a member of the NRA since I was 13 years old and has appreciated the A rating they have always given him.


“I am certain it will be a fun experience, and perhaps it will set a sportsmanlike and gentlemanly tone for the rest of the campaign,” McDaniel concluded.

The Republicans are yokking about a Gunner DeLay radio spot going after McDaniiel on guns.

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