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Speaking of presidential candidates



Hillary didn't do so well in a Zogby research effort -- released to U.S. News -- which asked people, based on nameless capsule biographies, which potential presidential candidates seemed best qualified to be president.

Without her name recognition working for her, Clinton came in a miserable sixth out of 10. "It looks like the Democrats want to grab the middle," says Zogby, who says outside-the-beltway Democrats lean moderate. Surprises on the GOP side: Harsh immigration critic Rep. Tom Tancredo ranks fourth, showing the power of the anti-immigrant issue. Is the poll important? Big time. In 1999, Zogby's "blind bios" poll identified "maverick" McCain as a very attractive candidate in primary states long before he almost knocked off George W. Bush. The Democratic order and percentage: Warner, 14.8; retired Gen. Wesley Clark, 14.2; Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, 12.2; Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, 11.1; former Sen. John Edwards, 10.4; Clinton, 5.6; New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, 5.3; former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, 4.9; Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, 4.9; Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, 3; Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, 2.8. The GOP rankings: Gingrich, 21.4; McCain, 13.3; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 11.2; Tancredo, 9.9; Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, 6.1; Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 5.8; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 5.6; Virginia Sen. George Allen, 4.9; Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback,4.3; Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, 3.8; New York Gov. George Pataki, 2.8.


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