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The election machinery


Secretary of State Charlie Daniels declares completion of review of election procedures and pronounces himself happy with results. Full release on jump.

Charlie Daniels news release

(LITTLE ROCK, ARK.)-Secretary of State Charlie Daniels today announced the completion of the InfoSENTRY Services Post-Primary Election Quality Assurance Review with submission of report addenda to the bipartisan Voting System Performance Review Committee.  The material includes minutes of the final meeting of the Committee and a letter to the counties detailing the result of post-review discussions between Election Systems & Software (ES&S), the state's voting equipment and software vendor, and the Secretary of State's office regarding costs related to the May 23rd Primary Election.

The report, which analyzes the voting system implementation for Arkansas's 2006 statewide Primary Election, outlined findings and recommendations on the following topics:  project background and history; project planning, organization, and management; meetings and meeting management; testing and test management; documentation management; risk management and issue tracking; training and communications; and county officials' comments.

At the final meeting of the Review Committee, ES&S indicated strong support for implementing all of the InfoSENTRY report recommendations and noted that many of the recommendations were already in progress. The company also agreed to review costs that Arkansas counties incurred leading up to the May 23rd Primary Election.  Based on that review and discussions with the Secretary of State's office, ES&S will provide the following to Arkansas counties:

* Credit for costs related to ballot programming, layout, and
printing and the production of ADA machine voice files.
* Additional training for local election officials and poll
workers and additional project management services, both  at no
additional cost to the state.

"I'm pleased that ES&S has already acted on most of the recommendations in the report including those relating to billing and project management issues," said Secy. Daniels.  "ES&S has demonstrated a good faith effort to address challenges experienced by the state and some counties during the Primary Election."

Citing improvements made since the May 23rd Primary Election, Daniels said he feels much more confident about the state's full transition to a new voting system.  "We are looking at a more clearly defined communication structure, a clear understanding of vendor, county, and state roles in the election process, and, most importantly, more time for training and testing."

The bipartisan Voting System Performance Review Committee unanimously agreed to the findings and recommendations included in the post-Primary Election report at their final meeting on July 31st.

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