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The third party case



In case you wondered:

The Green Party, courtesy of the ACLU, took its case to federal court today on the state's stupid and unconstitutional interpretation of ballot access, i.e., that you need more signatures to put a third party candidate on the ballot than an independent candidate.

News in brief: No decision today. Federal Judge George Howard said he would rule by next Thursday.  It should be a laydown for the Green Party, which, among  others, is trying to get Jim Lendall on the ballot as a gubernatorial candidate. Why? Because it took, under state law, a maximum of 10,000 signatures to get an independent candidate on the ballot while it takes something like 18,000 24,000 to get a third-party candidate like Lendall on the ballot. Is that fair? Hell no. And this judge has ruled as much in some earlier cases.

Watching anxiously: Attorney General Mike Beebe, whose office is defending the Arkansas law and who could be in a world of  hurt if Greenie Lendalll and Independent Rod Bryan pull 3 or 4 percemt of the vote.

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