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Beebe's tiresome rope-a-dope campaign is wearing thin on others. Brummett opens today with this stellar assessment of Mike! and A$a!, the two leading candidates for governor:

It's one thing to straddle issues shamelessly and comically, like Mike Beebe. It's another to be consistently wrong, like Asa Hutchinson. We have half a chance with one and no chance with the other.

First let's consider Beebe's latest splitting of his britches.

He says our school children should be told about church theories of intelligent design just as they're told about actually scientific theories of evolution. But he says he doesn't want to do anything unconstitutional and that since courts have made rulings on intelligent design that seem to say that teaching it in public schools amounts to mixing church and state, then, for the time being, we need to teach children about intelligent design at home and in the churches.

Blah, blah, blah.

Beebe, you might recall, is against abortion, so long as it's constitutional. He's against gay foster parents, or for them, I'm no longer sure, so long as it's constitutional.

He's real big on being constitutional, it seems, but real minuscule on what he personally believes.

We all should respect and honor our courts and our judges, of course. But that shouldn't be the full extent of our value system.

For example, I respect and honor that Pulaski County Circuit Judge Jay Moody ruled for Paron School. But I'd also like to wring His Honor's neck.

Beebe was a superb state senator. Honest. One reason was that he was smart enough and personable enough to manipulate people and events to avoid taking personal public stands. If he wanted to avoid an abortion bill, all he had to do was get it assigned to a committee he wasn't on and line up four of the seven members to sit on the measure.

But running for governor has exposed him as a man who often simply isn't there.

The only thing he has going for him is the alternative.

Hutchinson has performed the magic trick of locating Beebe in clear possession of an embedded position, even the right and responsible one, and blasting him for it.

Hit the link above (I fixed it). There's more.

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