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DeLay: McDaniel supports gun safety locks (UPDATE)



Republican attorney general candidate Gunner DeLay says his Democratic opponent, Dustin McDaniel, thinks that gun manufacturers should be required to include child safety locks with their products.

"My opponent has repeatedly stated that I have distorted his position on trigger locks, as well as the role he played in the Remington lawsuit," DeLay said in a press release. "He claims that he did not ‘personally’ believe in the trigger lock argument he made to the court, he was just following orders as a young lawyer. However, I have discovered undisputed evidence that Dustin McDaniel ‘personally’ believes that gun manufacturers should be required by law to install child safety locks on all weapons."

DeLay points to McDaniel's response to a 2004 candidate survey at, in which he said he would support "requir[ing] manufacturers to provide child-safety locks on guns."

An addendum from Max: The late Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller was as tireless an advocate for gun locks as he was for the Second Amendment. He worked with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to distribute tens of thousands of them through Arkansas police departments. He was quoted as saying that gun locks didn't infringe on gun ownership rights but served to make sure that those who didn't know how to use firearms would not be placed in danger by guns they might encounter . DeLay would undoubtedly say that's not the same thing as requiring gun manufacturers to spend a little (passed on to customers) to protect the public. Which gives you an idea whose interests DeLay represents. Hint: Not the public's.

UPDATE (2:30 p.m.): McDaniel responds, "I do not understand why [DeLay] is so adamantly opposed to securing firearms from children. My five year old daughter does not have unfettered access to any of my guns, and that is a good thing. American gun manufacturers include trigger locks with every new gun sold today, and that is a good thing. Why is he so opposed to parents having the tools to protect their own kids? One of Lt. Gov. Rockefeller’s key efforts was Project ChildSafe, a national firearms safety program that has distributed hundreds of thousands of free trigger locks in Arkansas. It was a great program, and Win was a true sportsman and great Arkansan."

"To say that encouraging trigger locks is anti-gun is like saying that encouraging seatbelts is anti-automobile.  Does DeLay believe we shouldn't drive cars since manufacturers include seatbelts?" added McDaniel  "DeLay is trying to distract from the real issues of this race like providing more affordable prescription drugs to Arkansas's working families, making identity theft more difficult to accomplish, and most importantly, protecting our children and keep our communities safe." ...

"The critical distortion in today’s DeLay press release is in his quote where he indicates that he has 'undisputed evidence' that I want to require manufacturers to 'install child safety locks' protection devices in the gun. Yet, DeLay in fact contradicts himself in the next paragraph of his own release. I believe that trigger locks should be provided, not installed. There is a huge difference, and Gunner knows it. Installation affects the cost, design and utility of a firearm. Providing a $5 trigger lock allows the gun owner the option of using or not using it without impacting cost, design or utility. I do not support requiring installation by gun manufacturers or use by gun owners. I do support gun manufacturers providing locks for gun owners to use if they so choose. Mr. DeLay is hoping that no one catches the difference between his quote and my actual position so that his distortions get printed. Will he deny his attempt to pull a fast one and plead ignorance on what he said, or will he admit that he was trying to play the press and the public,” McDaniel concluded.

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