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Huckabee defends states' rights



Last week we referred you to an account of the recent National Governors Association meeting in Charleston, at which Gov. Mike Huckabee led a rhetorical revolt against the federal government's intrusion into traditional realms of state authority.

Now he's gone off and written a letter.

In an unusual act of bipartisan and regional unanimity, 51 governors have joined to voice their strong opposition to legislation to let the president federalize National Guard troops in a disaster without local authorities’ consent.

In a letter to Congressional leaders last week, the governors detailed their argument that the measure, drawn up after Hurricane Katrina and tucked into a military authorization bill that the House recently passed, would undermine their authority and autonomy.

"This provision was drafted without consultation or input from governors," read the letter, conceived in large part by Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, a Republican, "and represents an unprecedented shift in authority from governors as Commanders and Chief of the Guard to the federal government.

"We take very seriously our constitutional duty to protect our citizens and lead our guard. We are responsible for the safety and welfare of our citizens and are in the best position to coordinate all resources to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters."

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