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Huckabee's low job growth rate



John Brummett ponders an Arkansas Policy Foundation study we highlighted here a few days ago, which showed the state's job growth rates under each governor in the modern era.

The study said that every Arkansas governor from Ben Laney in 1946 onward held office during periods in which the state's job growth outpaced national job growth on an annualized percentage basis - except, that is, for one. ...

Now, regarding that one exception, meaning the only postwar Arkansas governor whose annualized job growth figures fail to exceed national averages ... Why, that would be the current Republican one, Mike Huckabee. ...

This study says that, during Huckabee's governorship, the state's job growth came to 1 percent a year. It says that national job creation grew at 1.3 percent a year during that time. ...

I remain curious about the timing. Is there some implicit idea to hurt Huckabee's presidential chances or enhance Mike Beebe's gubernatorial ones?

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