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Out, out damp spot



There's an in-depth look in the Saturday NY Times (one of my colleagues is going to have to insert the link. (Here's the link.) For reasons I cannot puzzle out, certain commands are blocked here in the Internet cafe in Helsinki.) on the millions being spent by Wal-Mart and other big merchants to turn dry voting jurisdictions into wet ones. Aim: selling more booze, of course. Article notes that Wal-Mart is based in a dry county. Well, sort of.

I am happy to say airlines remain wet at last report. We've just learned we can't even take books, never mind an iPod, on board the plane to Heathrow and then on  to the U.S. next week. Looks like drinking will be the only entertainment available. And maybe watching a re-run of Benchwarmers. I hope to be back Wednesday. It's been great watching the fun from afar.

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