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Beebe proposes expanded homestead credit (UPDATE)



Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Beebe today proposed increasing the state homestead tax credit by $50 in a speech to the Association of Arkansas Counties convention in Springdale.

According to a press release issued by Beebe's campaign, the tax credit expansion would start in 2008 and cost $22.4 million that year, which Beebe says is sustainable. The homestead credit is funded by a half-cent of all sales tax receipts.

Beebe previously has proposed completely eliminating the sales tax on groceries and the tax on utilities for manufacturers.

UPDATE: Beebe spokesman Zac Wright also criticized Asa Hutchinson's speech yesterday to the same group, during which Hutchinson said he supports the idea of state government paying to employ county emergency managers.

"That idea has some serious merit," Wright said in a telephone interview. "That's why Mike Beebe proposed it six weeks ago -- not as a stand-alone issue, but rather as part of a comprehensive emergency management and preparedness plan."

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