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Back to bonds? (UPDATE: Yes)



The Arkansas News Bureau obtained a draft of a news release announcing a joint commitment by UofA System President Alan Sugg and UCA President Lu Hardin to lead a $250 million public bond campaign to benefit higher education.

They want Gov. Mike Huckabee to put the question on this year's Nov. 7 general election ballot, and they say they have the financial resources to sell the measure to the public.

Rep. Bruce Maloch, D-Magnolia, said Tuesday that he was told last week that "university presidents are planning to make the request."

House Speaker Bill Stovall, D-Quitman, said Tuesday he wouldn't be surprised if there was another attempt to get the higher education bond proposal before voters considering it barely failed in a December special election.

"There wasn't a lot of controversy about that bond issue," Stovall said, adding that voters were so opposed to a highway bond program on the ballot that many also voted against the higher education plan.

"The problem was there was some spillage from the highway issue over on it," Stovall said.

UPDATE: Huckabee today issued a proclamation putting the bond issue on the Nov. 7 ballot.

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