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David Sanders offers his snapshot of the campaign landscape as it currently stands.

John Brummett rolls his eyes at the latest dust-up in the attorney general's race.

[Gunner DeLay] claimed that Dustin McDaniel was anti-gun, anti-hunter, anti-self protection and altogether anti-Arkansawyer. Gunner, you see, produced evidence that Dustin once prepared legal pleadings in support of a lawsuit challenging a gun manufacturer for not putting trigger locks on the guns those little boys used when they opened fire at Jonesboro Westside school in early 1998.

[Dustin McDaniel] said that as a rookie lawyer, he did what his daddy boss told him and helped out on the case. But he said that did not necessarily mean that he personally embraced the argument of the suit, which got dismissed, by the way, in Poinsett County Circuit Court. ...

What does all this mean? It means that Bobby McDaniel was representing the Westside victims fully and merely doing a thorough legal job. It means that Dustin was doing the kind of professional work that lawyers in the attorney general's office must do every day, which is represent clients without regard for personal views.

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