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Hillary avoids Iraq consequences



The New York Times takes note of the fact that while U.S. Sens. Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman had similar positions on the Iraq war, he is having difficulty in his re-election effort this year and she is not.


It is not simply because she faces token opposition; unlike Mr. Lieberman, who has long resisted turning against the war or President Bush’s handling of it, Mrs. Clinton has consistently tried to distance herself from her initial vote without repudiating it, becoming increasingly critical of Mr. Bush’s management of the war. ...

Mrs. Clinton has diverged from Mr. Lieberman at critical junctures, reflecting what her advisers cast as a consistent belief on her part that Mr. Bush mismanaged the war and its aftermath. Her advisers offered a chronology of her criticism dating back to 2003.

Unlike Mr. Lieberman, she joined 38 fellow Democrats last month in backing a resolution, defeated by Republicans, that called for American forces to begin exiting Iraq this year, without setting a withdrawal deadline. Last November, Mrs. Clinton voted for a Democratic amendment calling for a “phased redeployment” of United States troops from Iraq. Mr. Lieberman opposed that measure as well.

Of course, having "token opposition" doesn't hurt, either.

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