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Beebe & the abortion issue



John Brummett gets after Mike Beebe on abortion.

As on the gay foster parent issue, Beebe uses "constitutional" as a dodge and crutch on abortion.

He says he personally opposes abortion. He says he supports restrictions on abortion - such as on late-term abortions and with parental notification or even consent - so long as they are constitutional. But some restrictions will always be constitutional, of course, so long as the precedent of Roe v. Wade survives. Beebe says he'd like it to survive, although he hastens to assert that the ruling has been so contorted by subsequent cases over the year that it bears little resemblance to its original form. The allowances for abortion that he favors, Beebe says, are rape, incest and not only to save the woman's life, but in deference to a doctor's concern for the woman's health. Sometimes, he says, the matter must come down to the woman, her doctor and her god.

Are you dizzy? Don't be. He's pro-choice, whether he says so or not.

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