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The Democrat-Gazette reports today that Janet Huckabee, who happens to be wife of a  governor and future presidential candidate, is one of 13 people hired nationwide by the Red Cross "to improve coordination with disaster response agencies in what the release called disaster prone states."

Interesting. The Red Cross, which regularly supplies our newspaper with appeals for money, blood, volunteers, etc., hadn't sent this announcement to us by the time I left the office yesterday. If it had, I might have asked whether these openings were advertised. I might have been interested, too, in the identities of people hired elsewhere and whether they had coincidental political relationships and a similar resume (experience in siding and gutter sales).

The next time the Red Cross comes calling for a contribution, dig deep. The Huckabees need help with their post-governorship light bill.

PS -- In retrospect (and after being remonstrated by a relative of the first lady), I admit the tone here was too snide. Mrs. Huckabee indeed has been a volunteer for the Red Cross and other worthwhile causes that have benefitted from her considerable energy. These factors still don't answer fully, however, the questions about publication of this job opening, qualifications of other applicants (if any) and whether political considerations played a role in the hiring of her or other liaisons nationwide. Given the organization's recent controversial history, they remain fair questions, quite apart from any personalities involved.

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