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Speaking of too much testosterone . . .



The people who make and market those ridiculous Hummer vehicles apparently had second thoughts about their latest television spot.

In it, a guy gets embarrassed in the grocery check-out lane when the clerk checks out his purchases of huge bales of tofu while the guy behind him has purchased only mass quantities of beef in all its red-meat forms -- ribs, steaks, roasts, you get the idea.

The tofu boy shags it to the nearest Hummer dealer and before you can say $100-a-barrel-oil has screeched off the lot in a big old Hummer.

The tag line originally said, "Restore Your Manhood," as the tofu maven grins slyly.

Somebody apparently reminded the marketing folks that certain women are prey to the same stupid need for machismo as men when it comes to excess steel in the family runabout.

As of this week the tag line has been changed to, "Restore the Balance."

Whatever the hell that means.

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