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The Political Animals Club has announced to folks on its mailing list that it has 150 free tickets to distribute to the live broadcast Friday of Al Franken's syndicated radio show. He'll be doing it at Rumba Revolution from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., but you must be in place by 10:45 a.m. Details on the jump.


The Political Animals Club of Little Rock has been allocated 150 tickets to attend the live broadcast of Al Franken’s Air America radio broadcast on Friday, July 28th from the Rumba Revolution, 300 President Clinton Avenue (catty corner from the Nu restaurant). 

The tickets are free, first come-first served basis, and will be available through “Will Call” at the Rumba Revolution based on the list of takers the Club provides to the producers of the show.  The doors will open for Will Call at 10:00 a.m. and ticket holders must be seated by 10:45 a.m.  The broadcast starts at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m.  You may leave the broadcast area when there are commercial breaks so one need not stay the entire three hours. 

Please email Kathy Boyte at or call 570-2266 to reserve tickets.  You MUST make your reservation before 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, July 27.  You may request a ticket for guests but we will need their name as well.  Do not request a ticket that you don’t really intend to use. 

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