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Polling the governor's race -- UPDATE II



Some new polls are out. Zogby's battleground polling for the Wall Street Journal, conducted July 11-19, shows an uptiick for A$a, but Beebe still leads 48.1 to 44.1. That's within the margin of error.

We've now confirmed from yet another source, as a reader privvy to subscriber info said earlier, that Rasmussen Reports has it 47-40 Beebe. Still to come tonight, new numbers from Survey USA, which reportedly will give Beebe a 10-point edge.

As we've said before: It's better to be ahead. But Beebe can't seem to ooch above 50. And the favorable/unfavorables aren't vastly different. The race is not over.  

A few days ago, Congressional Quarterly declared that the race tilted in Beebe's favor. A New York Times election tracker (a premium service) still calls it a tossup. Add them up and it spells where we started: Beebe's to lose and he hasn't won it yet.

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