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Woody Anderson reports he has $200,000 in the bank. (He's running as a Democrat for Congress against Rep. John Boozman in the yellow-dog Republican Third.) Good punchy news release on the jump. (Don't get me wrong. I understand this is a small amount of money in the worst possible political terrain. But I like his spunk.)

ALSO: Jason Willett, noting that Tom DeLay has shut down his PAC and agreed to pay a big fine, calls on Rep. Boozman to return the $15,000 he got from the DeLay PAC. Good idea.


Fort Smith, AR- Woodrow “Woody” Anderson announced today that he filed his campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission with over $200 thousand dollars cash on hand. 

“My campaign is on pace to raise more than enough money to get my message out to voters and hold Congressman Boozman accountable for his shameful record in Congress,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who didn’t begin his candidacy until spring this year, has more cash on hand than any 3rd Congressional district challenger in the history of this race. 

“When folks realize that I’m conservative on family values and taxes but serious about doing something to improve health care and schools they really get excited about my campaign.  I really think people are tired of Boozman’s blind support for the Republican leadership and George Bush.  Democrats and Republicans alike want a conservative representing us in Congress, but we also want someone who will show a little backbone in Washington.  I am that candidate,” said Anderson.


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