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Speaking of Huckstering



Readers file a couple of points on today's Huckstering:

One cites Reuters coverage of the Keith Richards pardon and the guv's response to the question of whether anyone  objected to his action (other than a few of the gazillion other traffic violators whose own driving records for infractions equally small haven't received the guv's personal attention):

Asked whether there might be objections from Arkansas voters, Huckabee deadpanned, "Not from anybody with an IQ above plant life." He noted that none in Richards party was found in possession of, or under the influence of, drugs or alcohol.

Another reader writes concerning news in the D-G that The Royal Huckster, with less than six months to go in his term, has traded in a 2005 SUV with 37,000 miles for a brand-new 'Burban. He asks:

I see that Hiz Arrogance just took delivery of a newly leased ’07 Chevy Suburban and the payment is $829 per month.  Is that the going price for leasing one?  Does the Governor need special equipment which would raise the price?  Is my tax money being wisely spent on that gas hog?

I'm sure a car-savvy reader can provide some info on this query.

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