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The candidates for governor spoke yesterday on education -- Beebe to the AEA and A$a to a rural school group. A$a wants quality education for rural schools. (Even if it means preserving pitiful schools that don't teacher core curriculum, band or many activities beyond basketball. Pipe some TV classes into those outposts in case any kid is brave enough to sign up and call it square with schools with a 150 courses and dozens of extracurricular activities. Yes, that's the ticket.) Beebe, for his point, is dancing very carefully between the AEA and the big business community that has been twisting arms and giving campaign contributions to legislators on the strength of support for merit pay in the 2007 legislative session. In that regard, there was some significance yesterday in the presence at a Beebe fund-raiser of Luke Gordy, lobbyist for the suits, such as the D-G publisher, leading the charge for merit pay. When it comes to business lobbyists, Beebe rarely gets left.

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