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Brummett has a doozy today. A$a wants to talk about mainstream values while enjoying the campaign lift of a pro-abortion, pro-gay Yankee name of Giuliani.

All I'm saying is that Hutchinson is a brazen hypocrite, a devotee of expediency over principle. He campaigns happily with a man whose views he finds so reprehensible that a minor and even hardly recognizable increment of them supposedly disqualifies Beebe for the Arkansas governorship.

And speaking of columnists: an overnight reader calls for some links and discussion to columns in this week's Times. He mentions particularly:

Warwick's column on Beebe's repudiation of support from gay Democrats and his mishandling of the foster parent issue.

I might mention my own column. It's some reporting based on a tip from a person unhappy with what he'd heard about the city's response to the reported rape of a visitor from out-of-town. The tipster seemed to feel that resident crime victims don't get such attention. The city makes the case that it did what the circumstances demanded and is equally supportive of resident crime victims in other ways, if not plane tickets. See what you think. (I should add, if it wasn't clear, that I felt it was hard to criticize the city here, but I thought it worthwhile to illuminate and respond to some talk circulating in some local quarters.)

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