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Everybody needs a break. For me, it's searching Little Rock for the best taco truck. One of my favorites pulls onto the lot at Best Car Wash at Bowman and Chenal to serve lunch to the car wash crew. Talk about disappointment. I went yesterday to get a car wash and burrito. By the time I finally inched my car up to the point where drivers get out, the taco truck had rolled on. I couldn't find where it made its next stop.

With burritos weighing heavily on my mind, I had to have a fix today. One favorite, which operates at Col. Glenn and Thirty-sixth, shuts down on Sunday. Fortunately, Tacos Sonora, a few blocks farther west, opens daily. This ramshackle trailer is not for the fastidious. But what a great $3.50 lunch -- a fat carnitas burrito for $2.50 and, for good measure, a small chorizo taco for another buck. You finish them off by scooping homemade pico de gallo from on old pickle jar or by squirting on your choice of red or green salsa.

I'm always open to other taco truck nominations. Happily, it's an expanding field, not a constricting one.

Tacos Sonora has an ethnically serendipitous location, by the way. It's on the parking lot of a Mediterranean grocer and butcher selling halal lamb, gyros and, if I translate correctly, fresh goat cheese. Is this a great country, or what?


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