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Huckagoguing -- UPDATE



I see Huckabee's pontificating in Iowa on the Supreme Court ruling on gay foster parents. Huckabee is badly mischaracterizing what the state struck down. The Supreme Court did not say unmarried couples could be foster parents. The lawsuit challenged a rule that forbid placement of a foster child in a home in which a homosexual lived, either as a single foster parent or, as in one case, the child of a heterosexual couple. The lawsuit did not attempt to give any "right" to an unmarried couple, gay or straight, equivalent to that of a married couple. It is likely that the revised state rule, which prohibits placements in homes of cohabiting couples, gay or straight, would stand a court challenge. One of the reasons that the old rule made no sense was that single straight people could be foster parents and be sexually active, but single gay people could not. It is far more convenient to portray it otherwise, of course. Typical Huckstering. 

We could give The Huckster the benefit of the doubt and put the skewed description of the case down to the wire service reporter's lack of understanding of the nuances. But you'd have to ignore that the governor said again -- contrary to the plain words of the Supreme Court and supported by evidence and briefs -- that the case was not about welfare of children. That's exactly what the case was about. Read it yourself. And Huckabee also did a Santorum -- floating the man/dog angle for a cheap laugh. Must have been a real red meat audience. They say the fundamentalist vote is extremely important in the Iowa Republican caucus. The Huckster is going to strum their strings.

UPDATE: Iowa is just a good warmup for this appearance by The Huckster with the Family Research Council in Washington in September. He'll be joined by slot machine king Bill Bennett and serial adulterer Newt Gingrich. They can beat up on gay sinners together and proclaim their superior values.

A regular reader who can stand more of this dreck than we can provides the topics for the Huck-Bennett-Newtfest. It's to tie into the right-wing Republican "values agenda" slated for electioneering in Congress before the November elections.

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Hollywood 'Get It'?

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See you at happy hour.


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