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Republican fund-raiser


UPDATE, THANKS TO READER/REPORTERS: The Fayetteville Council approved the high-rise, our readers say. And if you doubt that Republicans join us here, check the love in the comments over last night's Asa-fest.

However, one Asa dinner attendee, drinking water apparently and not Jim Jones Juice, filed this balanced report:

Amateur hour at the Republican Governor's dinner although Asa! did give perhaps the best speech I have ever seen him deliver.   Romney is overrated even though some of the older women in the crowd swooned.   The Asa! intro was completely over the top and it was obvious Huckabee was not comfortable delivering it. It was way too long, contrived, and overly scripted with pictures of Asa's wedding and other useless information. Obviously Clint Reed or Gilbert Baker put that cheesefest together and Huckabee for some unknown reason let them talk him into delivering it.   If the crowd there last night needed to be introduced to Asa Hutchinson, who has been in Arkansas politics since the early 80's, then imagine how the rest of the state is going to have to be introduced to him.

Our postscript to this good report is that Democrats face the same introduction problem with Mike Beebe, a similar government fixture and perhaps more unknown to the general populace.

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