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Beebe had his health-care generalities yesterday, today Asa! has his banal pro-business platform, accompanied by the pre-arranged National Federation of Right-wing (er, Independent) Business endorsement. In short, it seems to suggest nobody should pay taxes but the biscuit cookers. Oh, and here's a hoot. Asa! characterizes his enterprise to peddle his government influence an entrepreneurial small business. IT certainly hasn't struggled on account of red tape. In fact, a little more red tape would be welcome to prevent public officials for trading their service for millions in penny stock riches.

Details on the jump.


Little Rock Asa Hutchinson, the Republican nominee for Arkansas Governor, today laid out a set of proposals to boost jobs and spur growth in the small business sector by reducing red tape, regulations and tax burdens under which small businesses in Arkansas struggle.

In a news conference held in the offices of his own business in Little Rock, Hutchinson also received the formal endorsement of the Arkansas chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s top small business advocacy organization.

“As a business owner myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges that entrepreneurs face, such as high taxes, cumbersome red tape, and the high cost of providing health care to employees,” Hutchinson said. “Small businesses – mom-and-pop stores, as some call them – create the majority of jobs in Arkansas, and we need to foster a friendlier climate in which they can thrive.”

In Arkansas, there were an estimated 222,542 small businesses in Arkansas in 2004, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

“Whether it’s a local factory, a family-owned restaurant or farm, a new shop downtown, or any other small enterprise, state government should help these business grow and create jobs, not get in their way,” Hutchinson said. “Unfortunately, government is too often getting in the way – whether by passing more taxes and regulations or making it easier to seize the property of business owners.”

To encourage growth in the small business sector, Hutchinson laid out a five-point agenda focused on tax relief, reducing red tape and regulatory burdens, increasing access to affordable health care, ensuring Arkansas small businesses have equal access to procuring state contracts and strengthening private property rights in the state.

“The latest threat to small businesses is the trend around the country of local governments seizing smaller, more vulnerable business properties and handing them over to larger developers,” Hutchinson said. “My opponent, Attorney General Mike Beebe, issued an opinion saying we don’t need to worry about property rights abuse in Arkansas and that we don’t need stronger property rights. I disagree – strongly. This doesn’t just go against our core values -- it stifles our economy, because it places small business owners at risk. We need to be a friend, not an enemy, to entrepreneurs and small business owners in Arkansas, and assure them that we will protect their rights.”

Hutchinson also pointed to Arkansas’s high level of taxation, one of the highest in the nation, as another example of how small businesses are facing undue burdens, and how this makes Arkansas less competitive with surrounding states.

“The high cost of high taxes is one thing standing in the way of an unprecedented era of growth and better jobs in Arkansas,” Hutchinson said. “My opponent has voted for virtually every tax hike that has come down the pike during his 20 years in the Senate, which is one reason why Arkansas has one of the least friendly business climates in the country. My administration will tackle this problem directly.”

Hutchinson’s small business proposals introduced today were the latest in his GROW ARKANSAS campaign, launched in January to encourage jobs growth in Arkansas. Support for small business and entrepreneurship in Arkansas was a key component of Hutchinson’s eight-point plan under the GROW ARKANSAS banner.

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