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The heavyweight bout



The candidates are pounding each other in the race for governor. Here, the subject of the day is emergency preparedness. And here Brummett writes about Beebe and Hutchinson before the Arkansas Press Association. Some condescension by the former and some pandering by the latter are noted.

It was a good day for Beebe to highlight disaster preparedness. Asa!comes from the top of an administrative agency that has presided over what the NY Times headlines today is "breathtaking waste and fraud" in the hurricane response. The key photo is an aerial shot of the billions worth of mobile homes rotting at the Hope Airport (and incurring $3 million a year in rental charges). Will Asa! bring this kind of competence to Arkansas? (No, he wasn't directly responsible. But roll tape, please, on his nationally televised lavish praise of Homeland Security after the storm hit.)

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