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All eyes on Blanche



Last week it was the Los Angeles Times.

Today it is the Campaign for America's Future shedding light on U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln's willingness to put the interests of billionaires over the interests of the vast majority of Arkansans through her support of the estate tax repeal.

Sure, the Wal-Mart Waltons—whose family members constitute half of the 10 richest people in America—are among the handful of families bankrolling the front groups pushing for repealing the estate tax. They stand to pocket billions if they succeed. Their base is Arkansas, which is said to explain why Lincoln "Blanched." But of course, Arkansas’ voters will end up paying for this massive tax break to the Waltons through higher taxes, higher interest rates, higher college costs and much more. They should be informed just whose interests Sen. Lincoln represents.

Today in Roll Call, the Campaign for America’s Future has published an ad asking how many Democrats will Blanche on the estate tax. If Democrats stand together, the attempt to shift taxes from wealth to workers will be stopped. We should take down the names of any who stray. Each of them should be held accountable for lacking both decency and sense. ...

On basic issues, Democrats need more accountability, not more license. Those Democrats who "Blanche" on the repeal of the estate tax simply don’t represent the interests of their voters. They are courting a challenge by someone who does represent those voters.

On this vote, it is time to take down names. No free passes on this one.

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