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Asa: illegal immigration a state issue



Republican gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson today is announcing that he thinks the state needs to be more involved in fighting illegal immigration.

"There are still too many who say that immigration is a federal matter only, and that states have no role in enforcing our laws," Hutchinson said in a press release. "That’s an old way of thinking, and one that simply isn’t acceptable anymore."

He unveiled a four-point plan outlining how he would increase state government's role:

1) Strengthen the partnership between the State of Arkansas and federal immigration enforcement authorities

2) End “Catch and Release” in Arkansas for those arrested by state and local authorities

3) Reduce employment opportunities for illegal aliens

4) Reduce document fraud by creating more secure state identity documents

You can read his full release here.

PS from Max 1) The State Police don't have enough to do? 2) Should state authorities begin profiling people who look Hispanic? If not, what enforcement strategies are envisioned? 3) Does A$a support a living wage for low-income people so as to make it easier to fill jobs that will go begging without immigrants to fill them? 4) That catch and release thing: Where will A$a hold illegals? Jails already can't hold all the criminals police want to put there. Does he propose releasing criminals to make room for landscape workers without green cards? 5) And what about that crack Homeland Security Department that Hutchinson left in such good shape? Not up to the job?


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