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Speak loudly, carry big Bible



Springdale's Ronnie Floyd, pastor of First Disneyland Baptist Church, may have gotten whomped for president of the Southern Baptist Convention. But he still swings big lumber up in NW Ark.

The NW D-G website reports that he's going to oppose the tax for a minor league ballpark up in Springdale. He had been appearing on cable TV commercials in support of the idea.

Oops: He found out there are plans to sell beer at the ballpark. 

Alan Damron, associate pastor of strategic communications, said Floyd was in meetings Tuesday and unavailable for comment. Floyd, Floyd however, addressed the issue in an e-mail to a Springdale resident who brought it to his attention.

“At the time we stated our support we were unaware that alcohol would be sold at the park,” Floyd wrote this week in an e-mail to Virginia Pozza. “Our support will be withdrawn from any action that would place the sale of alcohol in a family-oriented environment.”

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