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Lagrone does the ABC thing



Jim Lagrone did yet another campaign "launch" today, using the ABC theme we mentioned earlier. One small quibble: His reference to a need for more "non-partisan" pollworkers. We don't think he's likely to find many truly non-partisan workers. Competent and fair poll workers who personally vote Democrat, Republican, Green and independent? Sure, but we think we have thousands of them already. It's one thing to say the system can be improved. (His call for more training is a good idea, if expensive.) It's another to leave the impression, if unintentionally, that all currently involved are partisan hacks. The fine retirees who've worked my poll for years just might take offense.

Full news release on the jump.


LITTLE ROCK– (Tuesday, June 20, 2006) – “A Campaign of Trust,” is the theme candidate Jim Lagrone has given to his official quest to become to the first Republican Arkansas Secretary of State. 
   Lagrone formally announced his campaign theme in downtown Little Rock today at a brief news conference in front of his state headquarters at 509 Clinton Ave., and followed the event with two other campaign stops in Pine Bluff and Jacksonville.
   In conjunction to announcing his campaign theme, Lagrone also presented his campaign platform – The ABCs of Election Reform: Accountability, Bipartisanship and Communication. The news conference tour to Little Rock, Pine Bluff and Jacksonville was made in a motor home, the front of which sported a banner that read “Trust Tour.”  The motor home was donated for occasional use by a supporter in Lagrone’s summer-long “Trust Tour” around the state of Arkansas.
    “As a candidate for Secretary of State,” Lagrone told media and supporters in attendance, “I’m committed to finding solutions to the problems that plague our election system. The ABCs of Election Reform is my pro-active campaign plan to clean-up Arkansas’ electoral process.”
   The ABCs of Election Reform platform includes Lagrone’s plans to make the Secretary of State more accountable to the people of Arkansas through open dialogue on voting and other issues pertinent to the job performance, the development of a plan to require authentication of all new voter registrations, finding new ways to recruit non-partisan poll workers and better training for poll workers, and the creation of long-range plans to strengthen partnerships and two-way communication between the Secretary of State and local election commissioners and county clerks.
   “It’s time for new leadership in the Secretary of State’s office,” emphasized Lagrone. “As your next Secretary of State I will be a leader that works for fair and equitable elections for all Arkansas voters.”

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