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Howdy doody time (UPDATE: BERRY RESPONDS)



I wouldn't say I'm doing this on account of popular demand, but rather to clean up some threads of unrelated comments posted by a dogged handful of Republican partisans. So we invite anyone who'd like to discuss the Marion Berry-Stubby Stumbaugh congressional race to start ranting here. Does the D-G's article on Berry's farm finance finagling bode ill for Berry? He's been finagling for years. He also continues to enjoy the natural advantages of an incumbent Democrat in the First District. Plus, for all his volcanic tendencies, he's lucky to have an opponent even less restrained.

Candidate Stubby views with alarm, of course. His news release is on the jump.

UPDATE: Berry sends us this response:

"I have worked for and fought for the viability of farm programs and family farms my entire life. I make no apologies for that effort. I intend to continue my effort to support agriculture and rural America with every fiber of my being and with the energy that God Almighty gives me. I am absolutely confident that I have acted appropriately in every possible way. The ongoing assault by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress on American agriculture is unprecedented and demands action by a new and responsible Democratic Congress.”


Cabot- The following is a statement from Congressional Candidate Mayor Mickey ‘Stubby’ Stumbaugh on the article written by Paul Barton that appeared in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette on Sunday June 18. The article questioned whether or not transfers of ownership in Marion Berry Inc. were true transfers.  If such actions are found to be fraud, financial penalties and time in jail could occur.

“In a day when some Arkansas farmers are suffering and not getting the help they need, it’s sad to see a Congressman making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of the Federal Government.  No wonder he has supported and voted for farm subsidies the way he has.  It is apparent that his true interests is not the farmers of the 1st District, but rather padding his pocket.””

“While I will also vote for bills that will help and support farmers, I will also follow through and make sure they actually get the help.  I will not cast a vote on issues that affect me personally if I am not able to help people of the first district as well.  To me, doing otherwise seems unethical.”

“This article by Mr. Barton, once again points out the double speak of my opponent.  In one statement he says he did not help in the day-to-day operations of managing his farms, in another statement, he said he was actively engaged in the management of his farms.  Either way, he made thousands, while other farmers suffered.”


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