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A late dose of Brummett



In the event you like to read Brummett -- and in the event you forget to check the Stephens Capitol Bureau website or if, like me, you do check but are often frustrated because it's not been posted -- I offer you a couple of catchup links.

Brummett Saturday writes about the governor taking a plane ride from a patron who receives millions in state money. (Brum too readily buys the Huckster's explanation that the gift of the plane ride is acceptable because it went to the PAC, not him. Forget for a minute that it wasn't a PAC that Huck and pals flew to North Carolina. It was a plane owned by the contractor. Be advised we did check this theory with state ethics authorities. They could not talk about specific cases, of course. But they did tell us that state law provides for no federal overrides of state ethics laws. If a gift is less than $100, it's not reportable. If it's worth more than $100, it must be reported on state forms. And it is also then subject to a list of rules on whether it is a legal gift or not, whether from a state contractor, a mother-in-law (legal) or a federal PAC. This issue is far murkier than the guv would have you believe. Plus, he's not so far reported any "in-kind" contributions to his PAC in two previous reports.) But Brummett got to the central point:

Taking a plane ride to buoy your presidential exploration from a group with interests before a state government you lead certainly smells. Real ethics would give a politician pause. But a man has to find some way to run for president, and, for now, since he's officially undeclared, this PAC is an allowable way.

Huckabee's problem was his needlessly stubborn, bratty, huffy, combative response - or lack thereof - to fair and simple questions.

That's his pattern, especially on questions about ethics from critics. It's like Clinton's slickness and womanizing and George W.'s trying to say nuclear.

Monday, Brummett mused on whether George W. Bush is on the comeback trail with the public, assisted by K. Rove.

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