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A$A's money trail



Thanks to Death by Inches for caling our attention to additional details in the NY Times story today we blogged yesterday on how Bush administration exes -- notably our own Republican nominee, A$a Hutchinson, are rushing to lobby and peddle goods to their old employer, sometimes through shell startup companies that have nothing to sell but names like A$a.

The article included a list of the 90 sellouts and the ways in which they've sought to cash in. For handy reference, clip and save A$a's various teats for sucking taxpayer money:

Hutchinson Group

Fortress America Acquisition Corp.

ImmuneRegen Bio Sciences

GVI Security Solutions

Saflink Corp.

Venable LLP

Intelligenxia Inc.

USA Mobility Inc.

A$a's mug shot also features prominently in a graphic on the revolving door battalion.


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