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The outing of a CIA agent  is OK by the Bush administration apparently. Since Bush's brain is not going to be indicted, Karl Rove apparently has full clearance to return to work on GOP political strategy for the fall. Inoperative: White House's past promise to punish leakers. The Washington Post outlines Rove's likely strategy (I wish I had a text of Wesley Clark's remarks yesterday in LR on the mistake of making the "war on terror" the country's top priority):

Based on recent speeches and interviews with senior GOP officials, his plan for the midterm elections echoes the strategy he plotted out in 2002 and 2004, adapted to a new and more difficult environment. He hopes to make the election a choice between the philosophies of the two parties, especially on national security, rather than a referendum on Bush's performance. He also aims to stoke the Republican base with such issues as tax cuts, same-sex marriage and judicial appointments.

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