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Brummett is timely. He wonders whether abortion will be the defining issue in November that the Republican Party apparently believes it to be.  The Republican Party staked out its narrative  yesterday and you'll be hearing it through November. It is that the Democratic ticket is "liberal," mostly because it includes candidates willing to defend legal abortion, albeit under the many limitations approved by a Democratic legislature that have made abortion increasingly hard to obtain in Arkansas.

We'll revisit some day the polling  that says the majority of Arkansans want abortion preserved as a legal option, as much as most personally dislike the procedure. We mention, too, that it is unconstitutional in the United States to ban abortion. Finally, we note that Brummett hits the heart of the issue: The Republicans are trying to have it both ways. They want to call abortion murder, but they say murder in some cases -- rape, for example -- is OK. They want to pose as the mainstream, when their candidates would restrict access to a pill that women can take the morning after sex to prevent pregnancy. Asa!, their chief bloody shirt waver, claims high principle, but not high enough to endorse an abortion ban, such as passed in South Dakota. The Republicans want to call Democrats extremist, but their party is led in Arkansas by a governor who defied federal law and refused to provide Medicaid funding for an abortion for a retarded teenager raped by her father.

You tell me who's extremist and who's mainstream. Like Jim Holt.

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