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You've read about the governor's recent scary experience with a lost engine on a private plane en route to  political appearances in North Carolina. You may have also noted that he refused to say who owned the plane (similar to the one shown here).

Well, we found out. Turns out the provider of the jet service is someone who does millions of dollars worth of business through the state Medicaid program each year. And who has developed a friendly relationship with the governor. It's in this week's Times.

The governor won't talk to us about whether he leased the plane or whether he got its use as a love offering. It's an iffy thing to take such a gift from a recipient of state money. Appearances have never mattered much to The Huckster. Of course, he didn't expect the identity of this charter service to become public. An emergency landing made the information available.

Perhaps one of the reporters he still favors with return calls will pose further questions about the plane.

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