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Amy goes live! And more



Amy Brawner, who covers the club scene for us, handles our calendar and contributes in many other ways, including assisting  Jim Harris on his Little Rocking Blog, goes live today with her own blog, Amy After Dark.

We won't try to predict what all you'll find there in addition to insight on the live music scene, except to say you should be entertained. Have suggestions for her? Read and comment. Or write her at

AND FURTHERMORE: Want to be an Arkansas Times blogger yourself? Now's your chance. Click on our blog page. You'll see there an invitation to sign up to be a   Times blogger, with software provided by us and the platform of our large and expanding reader base to tap into instantly.

We have room, in the beginning, for maybe 10 more voices on our Blog roster. We don't have any strictly preconceived notions about content. We would like for bloggers to at least loosely follow our model. Our blogs aggregate news of interest from all over. They comment on news. But, and this is important, we like to break news and place particular emphasis on local news, people and events. Millions of people cover the war in Iraq, but far fewer sites track happenings in Arkansas or the towns and cities within.

Find the link and make your pitch. We'll be looking for an interesting mix. I'd love to have a NW Ark. blogger. A sports blogger. Somebody with a Delta viewpoint. A movie blog. Somebody with a sense of humor. Something unpredictable. Etc.

The reward is our support for your diarist habit. And who knows what other prizes might await the best bloggers of the month and year? We can discuss rules and regs as we move along. We will say this: We prefer signed blogs, but we understand some might not be able to expose themselves on account of real jobs. If the blog appears anonymously, we still will insist on knowing at the Times about the author.

Drop us a line.

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