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State Rep. Sam Ledbetter just called (I'm a constituent) to endorse Bill Halter. A computer-generated call.

And the call prompted a light-bulb-in-the-dim-brain moment. Of course those calls for Supreme Court Justice Donnie Corbin were generated by someone supporting Corbin. His outrage at these intrusive computer generated calls seemed genuine enough and I'm willing to believe he had no knowledge or connection with them.

But of course calls saying Corbin was good on red-meat crime issues were exactly what they appeared to be -- calls to get people to vote for Corbin. The other proposition is just too complicated, too stupid.  How many people are engaged in the process enough to say:  "Huh. A candidate for Supreme Court who says he can't talk about issues is actually talking about issues, plus he's interrupting my dinner. I'll vote against that hypocrite." No, this is an Occam's razor proposition. Somebody for Donnie placed the calls, for whatever reason, and he got the benefit both ways. Unenlightened people said, "Hey. Won't let criminals loose? That's my man." Others said: "Poor Donnie. Victim of a dirty trck. That's my man." Brilliant.


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