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The hangman cometh



This oughtta be good for, what, a couple of hundred overheated posts.

John Brummett assesses the negative turn of Tim Wooldridge's campaign and finds it to be -- another -- example of execrable judgment. What's more, Wooldridge's bogus charge that Halter is a pornographer creates a larger dilemma:

To lack an internal regulator deterring him from going as far as he went suggests that Wooldridge falls short of the threshold of judgment qualifying him to sit a heartbeat from the governorship.

It puts him in the position of having to say Wednesday morning — after he loses, as I’m thinking he might — whether he’ll support as his party’s nominee against the frightful Holt a person he has publicly accused of profiting from Internet porn.
He has two choices of comments: Porn is fine or vote for Holt.

Also, today Doug Thompson covered the Democratic candidates at an appearance where they, thank goodness, spent some time focusing on the real menace -- Republican Jim Holt. Wooldridge depicted himself as the middle-of-the-road choice. Halter took the issues to Holt, saying broad majorities favored pre-K programs for kids and a minimum wage increase, issues that Holt opposes. Holt responded in classic fashion, the sort of response that might rouse the 40 percent yellow-dog Republican base, but suggests why he's not electable:

Holt, contacted by telephone later Friday, replied: "I was an analyst of the Soviet Union (at the National Security Agency) and I know socialism when I see it. Our children are not wards of the state. Taking children from their parents and setting a minimum wage is what the Soviets did."

"I believe the people of Arkansas crave and hunger for freedom, and that the more we grow government the less freedom they have," Holt said. As for the minimum wage, if the government could set a decent living wage "why not set it at $10, because you can't live off $6.25 an hour? You can't. The minimum wage vote was a tax on small business and on the elderly trying to supplement their incomes."

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