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Gunner fires


Gunner DeLay, the Republican candidate for attorney general, makes hay of the squabbling between the Democratic runoff candidates over a debate. Put them in timeout, he suggests. Full news release on the jump.

DeLay news release

Fort Smith - Today, republican candidate for attorney general, Gunner DeLay, weighed in on the debate on debates by asserting that the conduct of both democratic candidates gives the voters some insight into how ineffectual both individuals would be if elected. “ I think this whole situation is very telling about both of these men.  After all, we are only talking about scheduling a debate.  Can you imagine if they were being called on to handle a matter of vital importance to the people of this state against a real adversary?”

DeLay pointed out that maturity and real world experience may end up being an important issue to the voters in the race.  “I think the people of Arkansas want and deserve an attorney general that understands that this position is not like running for senior class president.  They want an effective leader that is not afraid to engage in a serious debate of the issues.  I can assure both of these gentleman that I am ready and willing to engage in debate anywhere and anytime.”

DeLay proposed that the democratic nominee and himself engage in a series of debates across the state.  “My hope is that we can schedule a debate in each of the state’s four congressional districts.  I would like to see a format that is focused on the candidates and their positions and not a moderator.  I will make sure the details out once the runoff is over.”   

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